Williams, Jarrett, Smith & Co. is a nationally-focused accountancy corporation whose fundamental Commitment to Excellence in Client Service dates back to its inception in 1984. dates back several decades. By listening, we understand our clients’ needs and requirements. By leveraging our intellectual, human resource, relationship and financial capital, we provide our clients with a Competitive Business Advantage®.

At Williams, Jarrett, Smith & Co., we combine the breadth of experience and expertise commonly found at a
National Firm with the timely service and the high level of personal attention typically found at a Local Firm.

Our clients enjoy the confidence and comfort which result from these clear and distinct cultures. Unlike many accounting firms, Williams, Jarrett, Smith & Co. is very selective in the employees which we hire and the clients which we serve. This approach leads to tenures and long term relationship between the clients and our associates. Next to the Firm’s founding principal of Excellence in Client Service, we believe the growth of our people, growth of our clients will result in all good things to Follow, not only for our Firm but Society in general. We have a long term approach not only contemplates today on capitalizing on today’s opportunities but also the impact of these decisions on the future.

Thank you for visiting our website, we not only excel in traditional tax and accounting services but also offer many industry specific and ancillary service offerings which afford exponential value-adds to our clients. Together with our affiliates, we strive to facilitate profitable changes for clients by leveraging financial, intellectual, relationship and human resource capital which results in a Competitive Business Advantage®. Changing accounting firms is sometimes difficult however profitable changes are required to succeed to the today’s challenging market place. If you have a need for a breadth of expertise and experience combined with a high level of personal attention, then we may be an excellent fit. Please complete the form below and the appropriate business development manager will contact you with industry relevant testimonials should you desire specifics, or simply call our Headquarters at 918-492-7511 to learn more about the Competitive Business Advantage® which utilizing our services will provide.

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